Change is the only Constant (k) . Stay agile. Bring Job Analytics Close

Delta - Change is the only Constant. Career Change. Job Data Analytics

It is very important to understand job trends, and salary trends so that you are not caught flat-footed gone are the days when Finding one job sets you for life. With the Advent of machine learning and artificial intelligence, lots of careers will disappear into thin air, as it were with the Industrial Revolution.

I do believe that some horse riders were stuck with chariots with the advent of the steam engine. Do be that rider. Make data your friend. Hit the iron while hot, every revolution births a new set of jobs and older trends diminish ride the wave.

Here are some of the places to begin.


  1. LinkedIn Workforce Insights: LinkedIn is a professional networking platform that offers workforce insights, including job trends, skills in demand, and industry-specific data. The LinkedIn Workforce Insights tool can provide valuable information for job seekers and professionals.
  2. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS): The U.S. BLS is a government agency that provides extensive labor market data, including employment statistics, wage data, and projections. It’s a valuable resource for understanding national and industry-specific job trends.
  3. Indeed Hiring Lab: Indeed Hiring Lab conducts research on labor market trends and provides regular reports on various aspects of the job market, such as job postings, salary trends, and skills in demand.
  4. Glassdoor Economic Research: Glassdoor, a job and company review site, has an economic research section that publishes reports on job market trends, salary insights, and workplace dynamics based on employee reviews and company data.
  5. Monster Insights: Monster, a job search platform, offers insights into job market trends and career advice. Their Monster Insights section provides articles and reports on various aspects of the job market.
  6. Payscale Research Center: Payscale is known for its salary data and compensation analysis. The Research Center provides reports on salary trends, industry benchmarks, and workforce insights.
  7. CareerBuilder Research and Insights: CareerBuilder is a job board that also provides research and insights into the job market. They offer reports on hiring trends, salary data, and industry-specific analyses.
  8. Dice Insights: Dice is a tech-focused job board, and their Insights section offers reports and articles on technology job trends, skills in demand, and other relevant topics in the tech industry.
  9. FlexJobs Blog and Research: FlexJobs specializes in remote and flexible job opportunities. Their blog and research section provide insights into remote work trends, flexible job market analysis, and tips for job seekers.
  10. Gartner TalentNeuron: Gartner is a research and advisory firm that provides workforce analytics through its TalentNeuron platform. It offers insights into labor market trends, talent supply and demand, and skills analysis.